Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to Oyika Inc. and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries (including but not limited to Oyika and Oyika Sales and Services) (collectively,“Oyika”or“We”). Oyika has developed this privacy policy (“Oyika Privacy Policy”) to protect the information that we collected at the time when you use Oyika’s website/application software (the “Website/App”). Below please find how Oyika would collect, process, use, and under certain conditions, disclose, share, or transfer your personal information and non-personal information. You understand and agree that by using the Website/App, you will be deemed not to reject but to accept the Oyika Privacy Policy, and agree to authorize Oyika to collect, process and use my personal data according thereto.

Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

Oyika informs all consumers (hereinafter referred to as “you”) of the following matters in accordance:

The specific purpose of collection of Personal Data

To offer various services provided by Oyika. If you agree to use certain services provided by us, your Personal Data, such as geographic location, will be obtained by means of localization (including real-time localization and mapping), which may be used in the ways stipulated in Consent Letter and related terms of service;

Marketing purposes such as recommendation of products or services provided by Oyika and third parties which are in collaboration with Oyika;

To provide your Personal Data to the third parties that are in collaboration with Oyika (such as the vendors of the electric motorcycles using Oyika), so that such third parties may recommend or provide you with marketing information and/or after-sales services regarding the products or services of such third parties;

Collection, processing and use of your Personal Data in accordance with legal obligations, contractual or quasi-contractual relationships or any other legal relations, and to exercise or claim the rights or to enforce the procedures in accordance with the contract;

For business as stipulated in business registration items or articles of incorporation of Oyika or any other purpose permitted by law;

Any other purposes for Oyika’s business or operations management needs;

Other specific purposes as stipulated in “Special Purposes of Personal Data Protection Act and Types of Personal Data” (the “Types Classification Guidance”) as follows:

040 “Marketing”

063 “Collection or processing of personal data under its legal obligations by non-government agency”

069 “Contract, quasi-contract or other legal relation matters”

090 “Consumer, customer management and service”

098 “Business and technical information”

135 “Information (communication) service”

136 “Information (communication) and database management”

148 “Online shopping and other electronic commerce services”

152“Management of advertisement or commercial act”

154 “Credit check”

157 “Investigation, statistics and research analysis”

181 “Other business in accordance with the business registration items or articles of incorporation”

The types of Personal Data to be collected by Oyika are described below in accordance with the Types Classification Guidance. However, the Personal Data to be collected by Oyika may not be limited to the types below (such as geographic location, or data of real-time localization and mapping), and shall be subject to the Personal Data actually collected by Oyika in the course of its business operations.

Code types of identification: C001 to C003, such as name, address, phone number, email, ID card number, credit card number, etc.

Code type of characteristics: C011, such as age, gender, date of birth, etc.

Code type of family: C021, C023 and C024, such as marital status, offspring, other social relations, etc.

Code type of travel and other migrational details: C034, such as previous emigration, traveling details, foreign passport, residency proof documents, work-permission documents, working certificate and other related details.

Code types of social connections: C035, C036, C038 and C040, such as hobbies, consumption patterns, occupation, accidents or other mishaps, relevant connections, etc.

Code types of educational history, qualifications or expertise: C051 and C052, such as schools and qualifications for diploma, license, etc.

Code types of employment: C061, C064 and C068, such as employer, previous employers, salaries, etc.

Code types of financial details: C081 and C093, such as total earnings and income, methods of payment, etc.

Code types of health and others: C114 and C115, such as records, decisions and administrative sanctions concerning traffic violations, etc.

Code types of unclassified information: C132, such as mails, documents, reports or emails that is unable to be classified in other code types.

The period, area, recipient and method of processing and use of Personal Data

Period: The duration of the specific purpose as stipulated in Article 1 of the Oyika Privacy Policy and a reasonable period after the expiration of such duration, or the period specified in the relevant laws and regulations or contract. Oyika reserves the right to terminate the aforementioned period.

Area: Within the territory of Republic of Indonesia or the country or region where the “recipient” provided in Paragraph 3 below is located

Recipient: Oyika , affiliates of Oyika , or third parties commissioned by Oyika to collect, process or use Personal Data for your or Oyika’s benefit, or vendors in collaboration with Oyika, such as product and service providers of electronic motorcycle, data statistics and analysis operators, marketing companies, or any other service providers.

Method: In oral or written form (either hard copy or soft copy), telephone, text message, email, facsimile, electronic record, digital documents, appropriate manners which meet the current technology, or any other methods in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or contract.

Your relevant rights

You may exercise the following rights with respect to your Personal Data:

For your Personal Data collected by Oyika, you may request in writing to inquire, review or make duplicates thereof from Oyika.
You may request Oyika to supplement your Personal Data, to discontinue the collection, processing or use thereof, or to correct or delete your Personal Data which is incorrect.

If you contemplate to exercise any of the rights aforementioned, please send relevant supporting documents and a written request to Oyika at the address of 2 Cleantech Loop, #03-05/06, LaunchPad@JID, Singapore, 637144. In the event of a request to inquire, review or make duplicates of your Personal Data, Oyika will notify you in writing of its decision regarding the request within 20 days upon the receipt thereof. The 20-day period as stated above may be extended for another 20 days if necessary, at Oyika’s own discretion; we will notify you of such decision of extension in writing.

In the event of a request for supplement, correction, deletion or discontinuation of the collection, processing or use of your Personal Data, Oyika will notify you in writing of its decision regarding the request within 30 days upon the receipt thereof. The 30-day period as stated above may be extended for another 30 days if necessary, at Oyika’s own discretion; we will notify you of such decision of extension in writing.

If you request to inquire or review your Personal Data, please go to the designated location for such inquiry or review during the time period specified in the written notice issued from Oyika. If you have not inquired or reviewed your Personal Data within the time period, please resubmit your request to Oyika in writing. In the event of request for inquiry, review or to make duplicates of Personal Data, Oyika may charge necessary fees.

You may also choose not to provide the above Personal Data. However, you fully understand that, if your Personal Data is not provided, Oyika may not be able to provide you the products or services in a timely manner, or may not be able to provide the products or services to you

Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

Once you use the Website/App or act on a Website/App message, Oyika or Oyika’s strategic partners may use some technologies to collect non-personal information about your usage of or activity on the Website/App that cannot, on its own, identify or allow direct association with a specific individual. Non-personal information may include, without limitation, information collected by or through the Website/App. This Website/App may collect information about your location. If you do not want this information collected, change the settings of the Website/App.

Oyika’s Privacy Policy does not prevent Oyika from using or sharing any Non-personal information, and Oyika may in its sole discretion decide whether to use or share Non-personal information with Oyika’s strategic partners. For example, Non-personal information may be used to enhance the understanding of your usage patterns, to identify which parts of the Website/App is commonly used, and evaluate the effectiveness of ads.

You fully understand that, in the course of providing services, Oyika will inevitably receive information which cannot be linked to my identification (“Non-personal Data”), including, but not limited to, usage time, mileage, location, and real-time localization and mapping of Oyika smart battery. You hereby agree and authorize Oyika to collect and use my Non-personal Data, or collect and use my Non-personal Data after combining it with my personal data which can be linked to my identification (“Personal Data”), for Oyika, Oyika’s affiliates, or third parties which are commissioned by Oyika or are in collaboration with Oyika to process or use such data in the country or region where they are located.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Oyika will take reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent your personal information provided by you from unauthorized or unlawful access, use, processing, or alteration, and from any breaches or loss of such personal information. Such measures may be implemented through use of a third party service. You are solely responsible for any personal information you choose to share or submit in public areas of the Website/App, such as a forum or a message board.

Despite Oyika taking reasonable steps to use and improve various safeguards, you acknowledge and agree that no system or technology is completely secure and safe. If you become aware of any vulnerability of the Website/App, please email or use the Website/App to report such vulnerability.


Oyika may update or upgrade from time to time the Website/App for providing you with additional features, addressing technical issues, and enhancing your user experience. The Website/App may include an automatic updates feature, which gives Oyika the ability to make updates automatically. You can change automatic updates options by changing your settings within the Website/App. Under certain limited circumstances, the Website/App may still be automatically updated, nevertheless the status of the automatic updates setting is. For example, Oyika may provide an automatic update to fix a security vulnerability or breach for your network.

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