Our Partners

Gain access to The only battery swap system in the world designed to fit and integrate with almost any electric motorbike in the market

E-Bike Manufacturers

Oyika enables e-motorbike manufacturers to leverage its network of battery swap stations and charging infrastructure which operate seamlessly with its proprietary smart batteries and mobile application (App). Oyika bundles e-motorbikes with its software and hardware suite on a subscription basis, reducing cost, and driving EV adoption.

Battery Manufacturers

We work with established battery cell manufacturers and pack manufacturers to ensure continual supply of our proprietary smart batteries.

Swap Station Locations

We partner with investors, petrol stations, businesses, convenience stores, and franchisees to build a network of battery swap stations that are easily accessible to riders.

Workshop Locations

We offer partnerships and franchising to local vehicle workshops. We train and help them with the inevitable transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric. These workshops are part of Oyika’s after sales servicing network and can be found on Oyika’s mobile App.

Why Oyika

The Technology

Connected electric motorbikes and app ready to go

Dedicated Backend

Your space to run your operations in the Oyika system

Operation Support

A guide and support to help you setup and run your businessac

Marketing Support

Brand guidelines and marketing materials for you

Dedicated Team

Financial operations, technical and marketing support from Oyika

Customer Support

Level2, Level3 customer support